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I had phone service with the company for 16 months. They were great when I set up service for my home and business.

I had been with them about year when I started having problems with calls not completing, the call would complete and then drop the client in the middle of the conversation, the call quality was so poor, the other person couldn't understand what I was saying. I would call and email the company. It took 90 days of poor service before anyone at the company would own the problem, finally got it fixed. The next problem was calling companies, and the call wouldn't complete.

Complained to the company on numerous occasions, there was a lack of follow up to my email and voice communication, the problem was not resolved.

I canceled my service. If you are looking for service and call quality this is not the right company to choose.

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That's Voice Carrier for you. Their support is a joke. The engineering staff couldn't network their way out of a wet paper sack, and every employee there toes the company line, no matter how bad their service gets.

It looks like they have a bunch of little kids working there, with a few old salts that have been passed by on modern technology about 10 laps ago.

to Anonymous #1111275

Boy you should see us now.... We got it right by moving to DR2 and a fully, end to end managed solution ...

Thanks for helping us get there...

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